Back Pain, Neck Pain & Anxiety: Direct & Indirect Approaches with F.M. Alexander System

Capilano Library
Wednesday, August 23 | 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Register online or at 604-987-4471, ext. 8175.
Back pain, muscle pain, fatigue, anxiety: everyone experiences worry and physical or emotional pain at some point in their lives.
Join us for a workshop to learn about and explore methods to cope with emotional and muscular tension! Hear from a speaker who brings their unique expertise and knowledge to the community. You will learn about recent research and get a glimpse into the effective ways to deal with severe symptoms of pain and anxiety. The speaker will share how we can deal with tension using so called "direct" and “indirect” approaches.
About the Speaker
Alena Minova is CanStat certified Alexander Technique teacher, a postural correction technique which is taught at major performance arts schools across the globe. It is an effective scientific method to work with excessive tension and pain. It is widely known among professional dancers, musicians and actors to cope and reverse repetitive strain injuries and performance anxiety— though there are benefits everybody can experience from applying Alexander skills in everyday life. There are currently 13 CanStat certified practitioners of Alexander Technique in Vancouver.

Register online by clicking REGISTER above or at 604-987-4471, ext. 8175.