Talking TED Talks

Come out to join us...we’re Talking TED Talks at the Library.
Enjoy viewing and discussing individual TED Talks at Parkgate Library with other community members.  Check out the schedule:
  • April 10: Susan Cain's “The Power of Introverts”
  • April 24: David Autor's “Will Automation Take Away Our Jobs?”
  • May 8: Brave Brown's “The Power of Vulnerability”
  • May 22: Amy Cuddy's “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”
  • June 12: Pamela Meyer's “How to Spot a Liar”
  • June 26: Kang Lee's “Can You Really Tell if a Kid is Lying?”
  • July 10: Dan Pink's “The Puzzle of Motivation”
Register at 604-929-3727, ext. 8166.