Author Talk with Gail Hulnick

Join us for an author talk and Q + A with Gail Hulnick!

What if a celebrity chef-tycoon mysteriously disappeared while on vacation at a Caribbean resort? That’s the question that gets things cooking in Resorting to Murder, which just launched in June 2017! The new novel takes place at a hotel on the Caribbean island of St. Croix where too much ambition and too much free time combine with comic and criminal consequences.

Gail Hulnick is the author of the mystery novel Resorting to Murder. Currently living in Savannah, Georgia, she was a longtime resident of North Vancouver. Gail was a CBC Radio host and newscaster, and the former host of the  morning show ‘The Early Edition.’ After a career in journalism she swerved over to creative writing and completed an MFA at UBC in 2015.  Her previous novel, The Lion’s Share of the Air Time, is set in Vancouver and is the first in The Media Mystery Series

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


  • Adults