Blood, Sweat and Fear: The Story of Inspector Vance, A Pioneer Forensics Investigator with Eve Lazarus

Heralded internationally as the Sherlock Holmes of Canada, John F.C.B. Vance was Vancouver’s first forensic investigator. During his 40-year career (1907-1949) Vance was constantly called upon to use his skills in serology, toxicology, firearms, trace evidence and autopsy to solve hit-and-run, robberies, and some of the most sensational murder cases of the twentieth century. His skills and analytic abilities were so effective that there were seven attempts on his life, and for a time, he and his family were under constant police guard. In 1932 Vance’s pioneering work in forensics was recognized when he was given the honorary title of Inspector and put in charge of the newly formed Police Bureau of Science. Eve Lazarus is a North Vancouver-based writer who has a passion for unconventional history and a fascination with murder. Her books include the BC bestsellers Cold Case Vancouver: the city’s most baffling unsolved murders and Sensational Vancouver. Her latest book Blood, Sweat, and Fear: the story of Inspector Vance, Vancouver’s first forensic investigator came out in May. Eve blogs obsessively at Every Place has a Story (evelazarus.com) and curates a Facebook page under the same name.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm