Powerground: Talking about Nature and the Land

Join us on Saturday May 6 for a TALK and a WALK. We're showing the film Powerground, by local writer and filmmaker Trevor Carolan, followed by a walk in the local forest, guided by David Cook. 

Filmmaker Trevor Carolan will introduce the film, and following the screening, we'll discuss some of the topics and issues raised in the film. The day will finish with a walk to nearby Roche Point Forest, guided by local biologist David Cook. 

We’ll start the day with coffee, tea and snacks, and a light lunch will be provided.    

Register online by clicking "REGISTER" above or by calling 604-929-3727, ext. 8166 


Powerground: the Life and Breath of the World, by Trevor Carolan

Acclaimed Cascadian writers and ecologists rethink how we can win back the Earth in a time of Eco-crisis

Climate change, global warming, deforestation—with so many conflicting messages, has the millennial generation already heard enough about the environmental crisis? Many are confused and wonder if it has simply gotten too complicated to win back the Earth. This documentary film faces up to the sea of chatter. Narrator and director Dr. Trevor Carolan works with an international network of writers, ecologists and planners of sustainable communities. They join him in sharing critical ideas about eco-interconnectedness and the power of place—the concept Nobel Prize economic laureate Jeffrey Sachs argues is “the emerging meta-narrative for the 21st century.” These visionaries have stories to tell about their relationship with the land, showing how language and literature, songs and poetry, bring us close to the truth of a place and its problems. That place is North America’s west coast bioregion, Cascadia.


Roche Point Forest is part of the historic Roche Point Creek Watershed, a rich and unique wildlife area, and an integral part of the Cates Wildlife Corridor, containing old-growth Douglas-firs, one of which is used by bald eagles for nesting. Apart from Lighthouse Park, Roche Point Forest (a tiny portion of which has been designated as park land) is the only remaining low-elevation old-growth area on the North Shore. 

David’s focus for the walk will be on the area’s old-growth characteristics. The walk will begin and end at the library, and take just over an hour to complete.




Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 10:00am to 2:00pm


  • All Ages