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Welcome to NVDPL's free online magazine service, brought to you by the Library, Recorded Books and

Our premium-use subscription service to Zinio gives our Library patrons access to over 300 of the most popular magazines using a Windows or Mac computer, as well as a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices using the free Zinio Reader app.

  • The Zinio Reader app can only be used to read your magazines.
  • Browse and subscribe using a modern web browser on a computer or smart device.
  • Zinio is best used via IE 10 and updated versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Zinio is available to patrons who have an NVDPL library card and who live in the District of North Vancouver.

The Basics | Using Zinio on a Mobile Device | About Our Collection

The Basics

Tip: New users must follow all the steps in "The Basics," in the order presented, to ensure access to the Library's free Zinio magazine collection!

New user?

Follow these steps to create your NVDPL-Zinio account/login.

  1. In your internet browser, visit the NVDPL-Zinio page.
  2. Click on the "Create New Account" link to register.  (The button is located at the top right of the page.) If you are accessing this resource from outside the library, you will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN. Enter the required information and Create Account. An account confirmation message will be emailed to you.
  3. Within your email account, open the account confirmation from If asked, click on the Activation Link to confirm your account status.
  4. Click on the "Return to Login" link on the account confirmation screen or come back to this page to login and begin browsing the collection.

Returning User?

Tip: Bookmark this page and/or the login link at the top of the page for future access. Do NOT use a Zinio app or the Zinio website to browse and subscribe to magazines in the Library's free Zinio magazine collection.

  1. Login with your NVDPL-Zinio account/login.
  2. Use the available navigation tools to search for and subscribe to the magazine(s) of your choice.
  3. After you select your first magazine in the NVDPL-Zinio Collection, a second browser window will open to
    • First-time users: Follow the link to create a free account/login.
    • Returning users: Select the Login link and login using your account/login info.
  4. The magazine you selected (in step #3) will be added to your Zinio library. Click on the title to view it, or return to the Library's NVDPL-Zinio page (which should still be open in another tab or window) in order to select additional magazines. After subscribing to your magazine(s), read it online or deliver it to a Zinio Reader app.
  • Tip: Use your account/login to register the app on your device

View the complete Account Setup and Checkout Guide for more information.

Need Help? View the complete Zinio User Guide which includes FAQs as well as instructions for using Zinio with various devices.

Still need help? Contact Recorded Books at

Using Zinio on a Mobile Device?

The Zinio app allows you to access Zinio magazines on the go, and even download them for later reading without an Internet connection. The Zinio app is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry Playbook, Kindle Fire and Android phones and tablets. To access the app, you'll first need to visit the library's NVDPL-Zinio collection and create a Zinio account, using "The Basics" instructions above. When you log into the Zinio app, you'll see the magazines already added to your collection. Click on a title to download it to your device.

Get the Zinio app for: Android | Blackberry | iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) | Kindle Fire

About our Collection

  • View our current list of titles by title or by genre. (*Magazine availability subject to change.)
  • Only the magazine titles found in the NVDPL-Zinio web page are available for free viewing.
  • Magazine content and subscriptions are representative of the wide range of interests of our patrons. Not all content may be suited to your individual taste.
  • For Parents: Zinio provides our customers with access to digital magazines for instant, on-demand viewing. Like the Library's magazine collection, Zinio provides access to a wide range of magazines some parents may find inappropriate for their children. We encourage parents and guardians to experience Zinio with their children and guide them in their explorations.

Need further assistance?

Zinio Frequently Asked Questions