Important Changes to Borrowing Procedures start November 15, 2021

On May 4, 2021, North Vancouver District Public Library removed a financial barrier to accessing library services and collections: overdue fines. We have taken some time to review this initiative over the last 6 months and we are delighted to hear that so many of our patrons have expressed gratitude that we have stopped charging daily fines.

When overdue fines were eliminated, the “Lost Item” period was shortened in an effort to alleviate patron concerns about waiting longer to enjoy popular material. As a result of this change, more patrons are receiving billing notices for overdue items that remain in their possession long past the due date.

Taking into consideration other feedback we have received, we are revising and improving some of the timelines and procedures for materials that are overdue. Please read below to see what’s changing on November 15, 2021.

  • Borrowing Privilege Suspension at 14 Days Overdue
    Borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended if library material is overdue by 14 days. Patrons will be unable to borrow new material until the overdue material is returned or they’ve had a conversation with staff.

    Remember, you can Renew material if no one is waiting!

    Why is this change being made? This will allow us to speak with you to address overdue materials before Lost Charges are applied. Patrons with a temporary suspension can speak with staff about options for keeping items longer or reserving them again!
  • Extension: Lost Item Charge Period Extended to 28 Days (from 21)
    The period before an item is designated as Lost, and Replacement and Processing charges are applied, will be extended to 28 days (up from 21 days). That means, accounts with overdue materials will have 7 more days (in addition to the regular Loan Period) to return materials before they are billed for replacing the material. 

    Why is this change being made? As a result of patron experiences, we are reverting to a period more aligned with previous procedures. By extending this period to 28 days, we hope patrons will have the additional time required to speak with staff or return materials.
  • Automatic Removal of Processing Charges
    After November 15, 2021, the system will automatically remove Processing charges when items that are designated as “Lost” are returned!

    Why is this change being made? Processing fees account for the cost to re-order and replace Lost items, or repair Damaged items. Currently, the library system does not automatically waive the Processing charge when items are returned, leaving those fees on accounts. Starting November 15th, when materials are returned, those charges will automatically be removed!
  • Charges for Lost Items
    NVDPL does not charge daily late fines on materials that are overdue, but sharing is caring—and you still need to return your materials on time! When you pay for a “lost” item, it’s yours to keep. Please speak with staff about your options for renewals or locating misplaced items that you still intend to return to our lending collection before paying for them.

We remain committed to providing you with welcoming and inclusive library experiences! Thank you for all of the feedback and positive comments about the Library’s elimination of overdue fines.

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