Introducing Kanopy Tickets

Starting November 1, 2023, the viewing experience on Kanopy will be easier than ever with the switch from play credits to tickets. With this update, you can easily see the number of tickets required and viewing period for each film next to the play button.

What is changing?

Patrons will have a monthly ticket allotment of 12 tickets per person per month, rather than 5 play credits and 1 credit for The Great Courses. Every title is labeled with a ticket value and viewing period (borrowing time). Fans of any series available on Kanopy—The Great Courses included—will love this change as you will have access to an entire season (or course) for a longer loan period.

When browsing the Kanopy collection, you’ll see a ticket value next to the title’s play button. At a glance, you’ll know how many tickets of your monthly allotment that title will use up and how long you’ll have access to that title.

Some titles, like those included in Kanopy Kids, do not require tickets—enjoy unlimited browsing of Kanopy Kids and credit-free titles.


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