Capilano Universe Lecture Series: Alien Worlds

Join us for a Capilano Universe Lecture: Alien Worlds: The Physics of Finding Exoplanets with Dr. Bruno Tomberli. 

Since a Canadian research group conclusively proved that they had observed the first exoplanet (planets orbiting stars other  than our sun), thousands more have been found. In this presentation, Dr. Tomberli explains the background  and history of these observations and the science behind the methods by which the exoplanets are found. He also presents his observations and discusses some of the exciting prospects in the field.

No registration required, but seating is limited. 

Dr. Bruno Tomberli is an instructor in the Department of  Physics and Astronomy at Capilano University and a researcher in the field of soft condensed matter. Like many physicists, he  has a long-standing and personal interest in Astronomy. In addition to teaching undergraduate Astronomy, he has participated in student research where he uses research grade telescopes to observe exoplanets.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm


  • Adults