Capilano Universe: Travelling to Save the World's Gastronomical Traditions

Join us for another season of the Capilano Universe Lecture series!

The industrialization of the world’s food systems in the 20th century has propelled us into an era of convenience and comfort never seen before. This has threatened food sources and traditions while also endangering food sovereignty and indigenous foodways all across the globe. In this session, we will explore how your personal decisions as a tourist can contribute to the regeneration of local foodways and slow food movement, protection of the environment and empowerment of local communities.

Nazmi Kamal is an instructor at the School of Tourism Management with a background in hospitality operations and event management. He is also an advocate of food and travel with academic interests in food sustainability, immigrant cuisine, and food as a cultural identity. He earned his MBA in Hospitality Marketing and a Master of Science in Tourism and Travel (2009).

Learn more about the Capilano Universe Lecture Series at www.capilanou.ca/universe

This meeting will be held on Zoom. What you’ll need to attend: a computer with microphone (or headphones) and webcam, or your smartphone/tablet.


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Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm


  • All Ages