Data Privacy Day: Talking TED Talks

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, which highlights how technology impacts our privacy rights and the importance of valuing and protecting personal information.

Join us to view and discuss a number of recent TED Talks tackling different aspects of big data and privacy, including:

  • When Technology can Read our Minds How Will We Protect Our Privacy with Nita Farahany
  • How Tech Companies Deceive You into Giving up Your Data and Privacy with Finn Lutzow
  • What Your Smart Devices Know and Share About Youwith Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu
  • Technology that Knows What You're Feeling with Poppy Crum
  • How Data Brokers Sell Your Identity with Madhumita Muriga
  • The Surveillance Device you Carry Around All Day with Marta Peirano

Register online or call 604-929-3727, ext. 8166.




Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm


  • All Ages