Documentaries and discussions! Come watch a short documentary and then stay to discuss it. We’re viewing documentaries about social, cultural, political, scientific or environmental issues. 

Upcoming dates:

Saturday August 24 at 2pm Skinhead
Brad  was a white 18-year-old punk, in and out of trouble with the law, a street brawler already in his fourth high school, a kid without direction and a prime target for a neo-Nazi recruiter promising comradeship in a gang of “like-minded” men, a place where Brad could finally find what he wanted most: belonging.  Skinhead tells Brad’s story — how he spent 13 years in “the movement,” climbing the ranks from skinhead rabble-rouser to the Canadian boss for an ultra-violent US gang called Volksfront.
Saturday September 14 at 2pm - Modified

In Modified, a documentary from CBC Docs POV, filmmaker Aube Giroux goes on a personal journey to understand more about how GMOs have changed farming and why GMOs aren’t labelled on food products in Canada.

Saturday October 5 at 2pm - Searching for Winnetou

Searching for Winnetou explores the controversy surrounding cultural appropriation of Indigenous culture in an innovative, hilarious, unnerving, yet inspiring way.  For years Drew Hayden Taylor, prolific playwright and author of dozens of Canadian-Indigenous books, has noticed a high proportion of German tourists visiting Canada, many who have come looking for a real “Indianer” experience (what Germans call the North American Native lifestyle).  Inevitably, almost every one of these Germans will relate stories of Winnetou: Germany’s most famous, but mythical, Apache warrior.


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Repeats every 3 weeks every Saturday 5 times.
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