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LAST UPDATED:  June 2023

HEAD OF STATE: The representative of the King for all Canada is:

The Governor General: Rt. Hon. Mary Simon


The Prime Minister is the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau
The Party in Power at present is the Liberal Party of Canada

The Opposition party is the Conservative Party
The Leader of the Party is the Hon. Pierre Poilievre

The other federal parties in Parliament and their leaders are:

1.  New Democratic Party Hon. Jagmeet Singh
2.  Bloc Québécois Hon. Yves-Francois Blanchet
3.  Green Party Elizabeth May


The Member of Parliament (M.P.) for North Vancouver is Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson (Liberal)

Parliamentary Address Constituency Address
   House of Commons 310 Esplanade E
   Ottawa Ontario North Vancouver, British Columbia 
   K1A 0A6 V7L 1A4


The Member of Parliament (M.P.) for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country is Hon. Patrick Weiler (Liberal)

Parliamentary Address Constituency Address
   House of Commons 6367 Bruce Street
   Ottawa Ontario West Vancouver, British Columbia 
   K1A 0A6 V7W 2G5

The Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Burnaby North-Seymour is Hon. Terry Beech (Liberal)

Parliamentary Address Constituency Address
   House of Commons 3906 Hastings Street
   Ottawa Ontario Burnaby, British Columbia
   K1A 0A6 V5C 6C1


To locate your federal riding and Member of Parliament, use Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code

Contact the Government of Canada at these sites:

Government of Canada  http://www.canada.ca/en/index.html

Citizenship and Immigration Canada http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp


Head of State: the representative of the King for my province is:
The Lieutenant-Governor: Hon. Janet Austin

Head of the government: The Premier is: The Hon. David Eby 

The Provincial party in power is: the NDP (New Democratic Party)

The other parties with representatives in the BC Legislature are:

The Liberal Party
The Leader of the Liberal Party and the Official Opposition is: Kevin Falcon

The Green Party
The Leader of the Green Party is Sonia Furstenau

The provincial representatives, known as MLAs, are:

 1. North Vancouver-Lonsdale Hon. Bowinn Ma (NDP)
 2. North Vancouver-Seymour Hon. Susie Chant (NDP)
 3. West Vancouver-Capilano Hon. Karin Kirkpatrick (Liberal)
 4. West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Hon. Jordan Sturdy (Liberal)

To locate your MLA, enter your postal code in the MLA Finder


The North Shore consists of these 3 municipalities:

1. The City of North Vancouver population 58,120*
2. The District of North Vancouver population 88,168*
3. The District of West Vancouver population 44,122*
* Census 2021  

Municipal Governments on the North Shore:

1. District of North Vancouver Mayor Mike Little
2. North Vancouver City Mayor Linda Buchanan
3. District of West Vancouver Mayor Mark Sager

Contact your city or district hall:

District of North Vancouver:  http://www.dnv.org

North Vancouver City http://www.cnv.org

District of West Vancouver http://westvancouver.ca//


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