Get Started with InstantFlix

With thousands of films from more than 50 countries, InstantFlix: Powered by IndieFlix offers streaming access to award-winning shorts, feature films, documentaries, as well as selections from Sundance, Cannes and other film festivals.

InstantFlix is available to patrons who have an NVDPL library card and who live in the District of North Vancouver. All films are always available to stream: there is no limit to how many films you may view each month.

If you already have a Zinio account with NVDPL, you can use that account to access InstantFlix as well. (InstantFlix and Zinio are both from the same vendor, Recorded Books.)

What you need

  • Open an internet browser and visit the NVDPL InstantFlix page.
    • InstanteFlix is available using a browser on any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device . Also available on Roku, xBox and Apple TV via Apple devices.
    • You must have an active internet connection to stream movies.
  • Create an account
    • You'll need to provide your NVDPL library card number and PIN, then enter your email adderss and choose a password. 
    • Remember that if you already have a Zinio account with NVDPL, you can use that account to access InstantFlix as well.
  • Find a film you'd like to watch. Play movies by clicking on the video image, then click on the "Play" arrow.
    • You also have the option to play the trailer or add the title to your "queue."
  • For more information, visit InstantFlix's FAQ or page, talk to a librarian, or contact E-Support.

Navigating InstantFlix: Powered by IndieFlix

There are several ways to find a film to watch:

  • Discover: View films that are either being highlighted by InstantFlix or are currently popular.
  • Browse Films: Sort by genre, duration, recommended audience, or sort by most viewed, top rated or recently added.
  • Channels: View films by category to browse through
  • Search: Search by title, actor or director.

Creating a "To Watch" List

When lookng at a film's page, you can select "Queue" to create a queue of films you'd like to watch.  

Find films in your queue by clicking on "MyFlix" (on the top left of the screen).

InstantFlix and your privacy

In order to access InstantFlix, you will be requested to create an account. Your name, email address, InstantFlix password, library barcode, and date of your last login are stored in the U.S. with the vendor in order to determine whether you are eligible to access this service and to creat your account. InstantFlix is a third-party service that is governed by its own privacy policy and practices, not the Library's. We advise you consult InstantFlix's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before agreeing to use its service.