Lynn Valley Love

Love has taken over the Lynn Valley Library and Lynn Valley Village

The pain of the tragic event of March 27 was deeply felt by people across the North Shore and across Canada. And in the wake of the expression of our collective grief, the community has come together to show love to Lynn Valley and the victims, expressed through a wide range of initiatives, in an effort to reclaim a much loved civic and community space.

Our library and this community will forever be holding space in our hearts for the woman who lost her life, the affected victims, and those who witnessed what happened here that day. The initiatives and contributions that Lynn Valley has received reflect the courage, strength, and vibrancy of our neighbourhood—and will serve as a reminder of community healing and love in the years to come. North Vancouver District Public Library is humbled to receive these gifts by and for this community.

While the outpouring of support through letters, messages, community gifts and artwork has been incredibly uplifting, community members may still be processing grief and trauma from the events in different ways and on different timelines. If you need support, library staff can connect you to local resources.


Read on for more details and be sure to visit the Lynn Valley Village and Library to admire these gifts in person.

  • Lynn Valley Love Community Healing Project

    The Lynn Valley Love Project is a collaborative community art installation designed by local modern quilt designer and community project organizer Berene Campbell, with support from North Vancouver District Public Library and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture. Community members participated in two creative projects: a Giant LOVE X-stitch and the Stairwell of Love.

    Located outside the Lynn Valley Library entrance near Booster Juice, is a giant community X-stitch spelling out “L O V E”. The panels hang above the space where a young woman lost her life, as a way to hold her spirit gently with love. Hundreds of people created this art piece together, which is meant to remind victims and those affected that there is a huge community of people, near and far, that cares for them.

    Installed in the stairwell atrium in the heart of the library are 68 long banners made by quilters from Coast to Coast, and even some from the USA. Each banner has an uplifting message of love and peace sent in the hopes of helping the community heal—and each one tells its own story.

    Learn more about Berene Campbell and Happy Sew Lucky


  • Love Conquers All Community HeART Project
    Using funds from United Way’s Local Love Fund, with additional support from Opus Art Supplies and Ferguson Moving and Storage, local artist Caroline Liggett has lead the ‘Love Conquers All’ Community HeART Project. Over 100 hearts painted by community members will be arranged on the walls of the library’s secondary entrance near Delany’s Coffee Shop, to form a vibrant and colourful collaborative art piece. Each block has been individually created by members of the Lynn Valley community with love. 

  • Caring Communities Fund
    St. Clement’s Anglican Church’s generous donation to North Vancouver District Public Library has inspired the launch of the ‘Caring Communities Fund’. Funds donated to the Library as a result of the March attack will be used to expand the resources offered by the library to help the community build resilience, educate themselves on critical issues, foster kindness and connection, and promote peace-building. One initiative made possible with the new fund will be the creation of special resource kits to spark learning and discussion on topics ranging from anti-racism to supportive parenting to Reconciliation.

    Community members who are in a position to support this fund can do so by visiting the Canada Helps page.


  • Pieces of Our Heart Quilt
    Local Barb Craxton was finishing the applique of a quilt as the event of March 27 transpired. She says she didn’t know where or to whom this quilt was going but as she watched the days unfold, she saw in the quilt what magic she was witnessing: a community with an enormous heart and an enormous outpouring of love. She knew then where this quilt was destined to go. This beautiful quilt is hung near the holds pick-up and self-checkout machines.


  • Love Lives Here by Diana Zoe Coop
    Painted and gifted to the library is a vibrant and colourful painting by Diana Zoe Coop.A s the mountain of flowers grew at Lynn Valley Village, Diana was struck by the hope and beauty of that massive display of love. And she knew what she had to do. She dedicates this painting to Lynn Valley friends and neighbours.

    Bursting with riotous color, texture, shape, and verdant growth, it symbolizes the depth of compassion we share for one another. The 4’x8’ painting is on display near the welcome desk.

    Learn about Diana Zoe Coop.


  • Kindness Quilt from Upper Lynn Elementary School
    A kindness quilt, hand-crafted by staff and young students at Upper Lynn Elementary School, was gifted to the Library in June. The adorable quilt, made up of individually created squares, is scheduled to be hung in the children’s department in August.