Mission & Strategic Plan

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Vision: What we do

Shaping the District’s future by inspiring learning, discovery, creativity, and collaboration.  

Mission: Where we’re going

Connecting Community. Sharing Knowledge. Inspiring Stories.

Values: Who we are

Values are the building blocks of human behaviour. They provide a focus for how we approach our work. They can inspire behaviour that creates a dynamic and performance-oriented organization. We will strive to achieve the following in everything we do:
We believe in
• Supporting human potential and enabling excellence
• Building community and relationships
• Nurturing innovation while honouring tradition
• Embracing exploration, creativity and fun
Our guiding principles
• Intellectual freedom
• Lifelong learning and the love of reading
• Equitable access for all
• Sustainability
Our strengths
• Welcoming and inclusive place for all
• Diverse collections, programs and services that are responsive to community needs
• Current, relevant and adaptable technology
• Workplace culture of supported and empowered staff

Strategic Priorities 2017-2019

Act as a catalyst to inspire and support a community of learning and culture of reading. We will be the informal learning centre for the District, delighting and engaging our community with incredible content, resources, tools, spaces and programs. 
Support our community’s ability to navigate the digital world by providing programs and resources to nurture digital literacy and creation skills. We will be the voice for increased connectivity, advancing initiatives that support our community to innovate. 
Build on a culture of community collaboration. We will be deeply embedded in our community, growing our relationships and championing community-led practices. 

Strategic Framework

Inspire and support a community of learning and culture of reading
We know we’re successful when:
Facilitated by the Library, community members are learning more, reading more, and feeling more connected to their community.
Provide engaging spaces to create knowledge and share stories
We know we’re successful when: Using innovative, engaging spaces and tools provided by the Library, community members are discovering their creativity, creating knowledge, and sharing stories.
Support the development of digital literacy and digital creativity
We know we’re successful when: Any community member can gain digital literacy and creativity skills to participate effectively in the digital world.
Foster a culture of community collaboration
We know we’re successful when: We are collaborating with community members, working with the community to share, connect and flourish.
Nurture an engaged, adaptive organization
We know we’re successful when: We are continuously learning, embracing opportunities to experiment, and evaluating and measuring outcomes and impacts of Library services.
North Vancouver District Public Library's Strategic Plan 2017-2019 was adopted by the Board in September 2016.
The Strategic Framework was adopted by the Library board in September 2014.