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Join the North Shore Libraries for a community-wide book club event! 

North Shore Reads - a collaboration between North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver District Public Library, and West Vancouver Memorial Library – presents an evening with Dr. Suzanne Simard in Conversation with Shelagh Rogers, with traditional welcome from Tsitsáyxemaat Rebecca Duncan. 

In her first book, Finding the Mother Tree, UBC's Dr. Suzanne Simard brings us into her world, the intimate world of the trees, in which she brilliantly illuminates the fascinating and vital truths. She shares her amazing story of discovering the communication that exists between trees, and shares her own story of family and grief.

North Shore Reads invites you to a heartfelt and dynamic conversation between Dr. Simard and CBC's Shelagh Rogers. The conversation will be followed by a Q&A session. 


The North Shore Libraries are also offering several opportunities to read and discuss Finding the Mother Tree before this special event. They will also be offering programs related to the subject matter of the book. See below for more information and to register. 


Dr. Suzanne Simard was born and raised in the rainforests of British Columbia and has forged a lifelong relationship of love and respect with the trees. This relationship was the driving force behind her decision to dedicate her life to better understanding the forest and the network that connects the plant life within.  With humour, emotion, and the narrative drive of a lifelong storyteller, Dr. Simard takes readers on an intimate journey of groundbreaking scientific discovery. Linking her research to her personal experiences, she recounts her life's work uncovering the "Wood Wide Web," the underground mycelium (fungal) network that connects all the trees and plants within a forest. It is a network that allows them to share not only nutrients, but information, all of which originates from the hubs called Mother Trees.

Shelagh Rogers is a veteran broadcast-journalist at the CBC, currently the host and a producer of The Next Chapter, a radio program devoted to writing in Canada. In 2011, she was inducted as an Honorary Witness for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Also that year, she was inducted into the Order of Canada as an Officer, for promoting Canadian culture, adult literacy, mental health and truth and reconciliation. In 2016, she received the first-ever Margaret Trudeau Award for Mental Health Advocacy. She holds eight honorary doctorates. Shelagh is currently Chancellor of the University of Victoria. 100 years ago this year, her great-grandmother Edith Rogers was the first woman, and the first Métis woman, elected to the Manitoba Legislature. Shelagh is a member of the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria.

 Tsitsáyxemaat Rebecca Duncan is of Squamish and Musqueam descent of the Coast Salish Peoples. Rebecca has devoted her life to preserve the Squamish language, Salish weaving, and cultural teachings that have been handed down to her from her late Papa, and his Papa, and so on, and so on, since the beginning of time.

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