Self-Checkout Machines

Self-Checkout Machines

Our libraries are equipped with self-checkout machines to help you be self-sufficient in checking out library materials, checking your library account, and paying fines.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Self-Checkout Machines

Q: Can I check multiple items out at the same time?

A: Absolutely. The self-checkout machine surface has a strong antenna that can read several items at once – placing 3 to 5 items at a time on the surface works best.  In addition to displaying the list of titles as they are checked out, the machine provides you with a running total.

Q: I’m having difficulty scanning my library card.

A: It works best to place your library card flat on the surface of the machine, with the bar code facing up, and push it underneath the red laser until the card is read. Once your card is scanned, that’s it! There’s no need to leave your card there.

Q: What’s the difference between these self-checkout machines and the old ones?

A: Our self-checkout machines are faster and more reliable than our old self-checkout machines were. They also have the ability to provide more information about the items you have checked out, the option to renew material you have at home, the choice of paying a fine by debit or credit card, and the option to email your checkout receipt instead of taking a paper one. The average life span of a self-checkout machine is around 5 years. We had our old machines for 6 to 8 years, and with the frequent technical issues we experienced, we’re very grateful for these new ones!

Q: Can I renew a book on the machine without having the book with me?

A: Yes, you certainly can! Choose the option “Go to Account”, select "Items Out", touch the screen on the title you want to renew, and select "Renew Selected". A checkmark will display beside the item, indicating if the renewal is successful or not.

Q: Can I find out if I have a hold ready for pickup?

A: Yes. You can check to see if any holds you have requested are ready for pickup by selecting "Account" and then "Holds".

Q: The self-checkout machines are a bit wobbly and tall.

A: Our self-checkout machines are taller than our old machines were (as the old machines were embedded within the cabinet stands). We have plans to reconfigure the cabinets to recess the new machines partly into the cabinet, so they won’t appear as tall and won’t move as much.