Summer Reading Club

Crack the Case: Children's Summer Reading Club
June 14-September 18 


Watch this video to learn more about Summer Reading Club. 

Help us Crack the Case this summer and participate in Summer Reading Club! Here's how it works: 

  • To get started, pick up your Summer Reading Package at any NVDPL! 
  • This summer, read on your own, have someone read to you, or listen to audiobooks. 
  • Read what you like in any format: comics, chapter books, playaways…you name it! 
  • For each day that you read for 15 minutes or longer, fill in one circle on your reading record.
  • When you’ve coloured in 7 circles (7 days of reading), add a sticker to your reading record. 
  • When you’ve completed 50 days of reading, your mission is complete. Get your prize!
  • There’s even a bonus week for even more fun AND a bonus sticker!
You can also participate virtually! If you prefer a digital option, you can register online and track reading on the BC SRC website - this provides a great alternative to the physical SRC package. Kids track their reading and receive fun online incentives as they go along. And kids will receive a book prize and a medal if they complete their 50 days of reading using either method of tracking.
You don’t need to read 50 days in a row- just 50 days total! And there is lots of time to finish. Have fun and make reading a regular part of your summer. While there won’t be a medal ceremony this year, there are still book prizes and medals. 
Don’t forget to join us for digital programs! This summer, we will be hosting special online presentations with authors and illustrators. In July, join us for eight Kids Meet the Author events, sponsored by BC InterLINK libraries.

The Summer Rreading Club is brought to you by the British Columbia Library Association, the province of BC’s Libraries Branch of the Ministry of Education, CUPE BC, the BC Libraries Coop, and our local Friends of the Library!