StoryLab @ NVDPL

A digital creativity and learning space at Lynn Valley Library. 

Visit us at StoryLab and be inspired to create your story, connect with your community, and bring your projects to life, all from the comfort of our digital creativity space, available to book at no cost. 

How will you tell your story? In a podcast, music, digital images, spoken word or film. The possibilities are endless! With hardware to capture video and audio, digitization tools and digital creativity software, you can tell your story any way you like at StoryLab.

Come learn, be inspired to create, and share your story with your community. Explore what’s available by clicking the images below. 

COVID-19 Update: StoryLab bookings are limited during COVID-19. Click the "Request a Booking" button to tell us about your project and we will do our best to accommodate during this time. Thank you for your understanding. 


StoryLab Video

Record and edit short films, videos, documentaries, and more.

StoryLab Photography

Capture, digitize and edit photos and other media.

StoryLab Story Craft

Share your story: the art and craft of traditional and digital story-telling.

StoryLab Story Craft

Tell us about your project and we’ll get back to you about accommodating your request! Bookings are limited due to COVID.



Information Literacy: Knowing how to find, evaluate, and use the best, most current, and accurate information available.

Digital Literacy: The ability to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.

Civic Literacy: The knowledge of how to actively participate and initiate change in one's community.

Cultural Literacy: The ability to understand and participate fluently in a culture; essential to success in a diverse, global society.

Media Literacy: The capacity to engage with information and address the risks associated with exposure to mass media, popular culture, and digital media.

Sharing your story can have a positive ripple effect on life

How? By increasing literacy, skills, connection, empathy, kindness, mental health, empowerment, motivation, and decreasing isolation.

Story and language have power. They can change your worldview and your life when you own your story or learn from other people and cultures' stories. Owning your story comes when you consciously choose what you tell and how you tell it. Becoming the protagonist or the agent of change in the story of your life is healthy, inspiring, and empowering. Changing how you tell your own story can start a change in your life. Share your story, your time, and your kindness. Connect with others, it is vital to your health, mental wellness, and your community's health. Contributing engenders good feelings and we become forces for good which moves us all towards a sustainable future.

Increases to literacy are not achieved by access alone, so the StoryLab environment will facilitate digital storytelling and programs to increase learning and literacy, for digital literacy and other literacies.

Attending or facilitating programs in StoryLab and contributing to the community story archive will provide opportunity for all residents to engage in their community and live more meaningful, connected lives