Teen Summer Reading Club


Travel Through Time and Space: Teen Summer Reading Club

June 13-September 18

This summer you can travel the world, jump through time, and escape into a good book! Complete as many challenges as you can and win prizes as you go.

Winning Prizes: this year’s prizes are stickers, snacks, and gift cards! You can claim your prizes in person at a library information desk anytime from July 4 until September 6.

If you finish all 9 challenges, email Jessie at TAG@nvdpl.ca to claim your book prize.  

Download the challenges!

Reading Challenges - complete them in any order!

  1. Ask an older person, like a parent, sibling, or librarian, about a book they loved when they were your age.
  2. Read a book set in the past or the future.
  3. Read a book set in a different country or culture than your own.
  4. Watch a movie or show based on a book.
  5. Read a graphic novel, comic, or manga.
  6. Create something based on a book you read (e.g., make a bookmark, design a map, write a fanfiction, create a playlist, etc.).
  7. Read a book by an author who is Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour.
  8. Make or eat a food based off of a book you read this summer.
  9. Read a book about mythology, folklore, fairy tales, or traditional tales.

Finished a challenge? Visit the library to get a small prize and to submit your name into a weekly raffle for giftcards!

When you complete all 9 challenges, email us to receive a book prize!