Library Takeout Recommendation Assistance

Are you looking for some assistance choosing materials for Library Takeout?

Our professional library staff can offer personalized recommendations based on materials that are current available on our shelves. We will help you choose books, movies, TV shows, or music. With so much to choose from, we have something for every age, taste and interest.

It’s simple: tell us what you like to read, watch and listen to. Library staff will respond within a few days with some great options chosen just for you.

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Do you like mysteries? Have a particular author you enjoy? Do you know what you DON'T like? Use this box to tell us about your preferences. The more detail you provide, the closer we'll be to matching you with something you like!
Our children’s librarians are experts in children’s literature and they love to match kids with just-right books! Give us a little information about your young reader and we will put together a bundle of books specially picked for them. Give us a few examples of what you like to read or a theme/topic. For children, please include an age or grade level.
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