Newcomer to Canada

Welcome to Canada! Allow us to help you get settled.

We Can Help

Ask Us a Question. Moving to a new country is an exciting and confusing time. We are happy to answer any questions you have about adapting to your new life and becoming involved in the community. We can suggest materials, programs and services that will make it easier for you to learn English, meet friends and adjust to the changes that come with moving to a new place. 

Handpicked Resources for Newcomers

We have set up an Explore Your Topic for Newcomers, highlighting helpful resources in the Library collection and online.

Programs for Newcomers

At the Conversation Corners held at our Library, practise English conversation, improve your vocabulary, discuss interesting topics, and make new friends. These groups meet every week at our Lynn Valley and Parkgate libraries unless the Library is closed for a holiday. 

Conversation Corners