Ebooks from Young Writers

Ebooks Written by Young North Shore Writers

Explore the ebooks created by these young writers at the Library's "Young Writers' Workshop: Create Your Own Ebook" in early 2015.

Alexandra Robertson

Alexandra is a fourteen year old with a love to write. At about four years old she started telling her stories, then finally in grade six she started writing them out. Currently Alexandra attends school in the Sea to Sky corridor and tries to write whenever possible. Her ebook is called "Queen of Disguise."

Queen of Disguise

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Dorra Jerbi

My name is Dorra Jerbi. I’m 10 years old. I go to a French school called école André-Piolat. I’m in grade 4. I like to write about adventure and action. There has to be a sad part, a happy part and a cool part in my story or poem. I usually prefer writing stories better than poems. My ebook is called "The Secret Portal to Hawaii."

Secret Portal to Hawaii

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Jordanne Burgess

My name is Jordanne Burgess, and first and foremost, I am a writer. I am 14, in grade nine, and I go to Sutherland Secondary. When I’m not writing (which is nearly never), one would find me reading, ice skating, hiking, or listening to music. I love writing fiction and poetry. Enjoy my story “Eloquence and Shadow."

Eloquence and Shadow

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Safwan Jerbi

My name is Safwan Jerbi. I’m in grade 8. I come from Tunisia, Africa. I go to Sentinel Secondary. I like writing about stuff that has action and mystery. When I’m not writing I like to play my favourite sport which is soccer. My ebook is called "Why Would I Care?"

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Willa Bisanz

Willa Bisanz created the ebook "Willa's Poetry" at the Library's "Young Writers' Workshop".

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