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Come for the documentaries and stay for the talks as we dive into diverse and interesting topics to share perspectives!

This session’s documentary is:

At 2:00pm, we will watch this documentary together via Zoom, and then begin our discussion around 3:00pm. Or, you can watch the documentary on your own and join us for the discussion at 3:00pm. 
Hockey Mom
When the Syrian war tore her life apart, Fatma bravely seized the opportunity to build a new life for herself on her own terms. Twenty days after her family arrived in Toronto from a refugee camp, Fatma fulfilled a years-long wish: she left her husband. For two years, Fatma and her son, Majed, have been living with their sponsors in the Annex, a friendly neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. On the surface, their new life in Canada seems fine, but soon problems with Majed arise and Fatma must make difficult choices. This documentary is a character study of one immigrant’s experience, but illustrates the challenges for anyone who must start anew. 

We’re hosting this virtual program on Zoom. What you’ll need to attend: A computer with microphone (or headphones) and webcam, or your smartphone/tablet. Space is limited. An email address is required for registration. We will email you the Zoom link in advance of the program.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm