How to Renew Items

The procedure to renew books in the catalogue has changed recently.  Here's how to renew items in the catalogue now:

Renewing a Single Item:

If your browser window is maximized, you should see a Renew link for the item in the Checked Out list:

However, if your browser window is smaller or if you're using a mobile device, the menu is compressed into 3 dots:

checked out list with three dot menu


If you click on the 3 dots, a pop-up window will open that has a Renew link along with other options:

popup window with renew link

Renewing Multiple Items

If you would like to renew multiple items, click on the Manage link:

manage link


You'll see a checkbox to select all the items, or you can use the individual checkboxes to select 1 or more of the items.  Then click on the Renew Selected button.

Yrenew all checkbox and button